Recipe Tomato tart

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Granola isn’t just for the sweet tooths out there! Curious to try something new? Here’s our recipe for a tomato, pesto and granola tart. The granola…

Root Vegetable Soup

How about a little soup to warm your heart up? Plus, we added a special touch that makes all the difference: Zen Grand Granola as a topping 😋 Ingredients: Servings:…

Tofu Croquettes with Muesli

Looking for an easy happy hour dish to make tonight? Look no further — we’ve got just what you need!!! Our tofu croquettes with Müska Natural. Accompanied by some “drinks”…

Zucchini Galettes with muesli

Our lunch today is simple and light: zucchini patties with Müska Natural. Served with yogurt and seasoned for a delicious meal 🍋 Ingredients 3 cups grated zucchini 1/3 cup chopped…

Hummus with roasted beets

If there’s a dish that will surprise your tastebuds, it’s definitely this beet hummus! It’s a colourful take on traditional hummus, made even more special with the earthy flavour of…

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