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Whether you have a community on Facebook, Instagram, your Blog, Youtube or even TikTok, you could monetize it by joining La Fourmi community! We have set up two programs to help you make your business profitable: the Affiliate Program and the Ambassador Program.

1. Affiliate Program

Earning money by bringing us clients? With the affiliate program, you can easily generate passive income by inserting a link containing your unique ID pointing to our site, from your different platforms: an article, as a banner, in a Facebook post, or even in an Instagram bio. for example. As soon as a sale takes place via this link, our site records it and pays you a percentage of the sales made: – $800 in turnover = 5%; from $801 to $1600 in turnover = 6%; from $1601 to $3000 and turnover = 7%; over $3000 = 8% For example, if you generate 50 sales/month, knowing that our average basket is around $80, you could earn $320/month. Isn’t life beautiful? Our guide to learn more.

2. The Ambassador program

If you are a Granolavore, have fallen in love with our products and want to share this love with your loved ones and your community, this program is for you!

Send us a message with your social media IDs to [email protected]. If you are selected as an ambassador you could, depending on the case:

  • Receive a selection of our products (yes even those with chocolate).
  • Offer a promo code and contests to your community.
  • You will automatically be integrated into our affiliate program described above.

We can’t wait to read you!!

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