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Fourmi Bionique inc. (hereinafter “LA FOURMI”) is committed to ensuring respect for your privacy and, to this end, we take very seriously all matters relating to confidentiality. We also take all measures deemed necessary for compliance with provincial and federal laws regarding privacy.

Access control policy in cybersecurity

We are currently adjusting our practices to align with the Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information (Bill 25) that has recently been introduced in Quebec. This law establishes stricter standards to ensure that your data is managed with the utmost care. Please be assured that the security and confidentiality of your data are a priority for us, and we are committed to meeting the requirements of this new law.


The objective of this access control policy is to ensure that access to data, resources, and systems at La Fourmi Bionique Inc. is authorized and managed in a way that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data.


This policy applies to employees, contractors, suppliers, and third-party service providers who have access to the company’s resources and systems, whether on-site or remotely.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The General Manager, Stéphane Louet, is responsible for personal information and company systems. He establishes access control policies for each of the systems (who has access to which system: access rights) and ensures compliance with these policies. He can be contacted at the following address: [email protected]
  • Colbatium and MPP Networks companies are responsible for implementing these policies. They also manage user accounts, authorizations, and authentication mechanisms.
  • Each employee must comply with the access control policies and procedures and report any violations or suspicious activity to their supervisor.

Access Control Measures

  • Each user has a unique account protected by a password. This password must meet the company’s complexity requirements.
  • Access to resources and systems is determined based on the user’s role, duties, and the needs of the business.
  • The company uses multi-factor authentication, such as a password and an access token or biometric scanning, to verify the identity of users who need to access sensitive resources.
  • The company sets a time limit to automatically disconnect users after a predetermined period of inactivity.


  • The company periodically reviews access control and electronic monitoring policies to ensure compliance with this policy.
  • Violation of the access control policy is subject to disciplinary measures, which may include employee dismissal or contract termination.
  • An employee who suspects a violation of the access control policy or witnesses one must report it to their supervisor or the person responsible for security.

Policy Review

The access control policy is reviewed annually by the General Manager and updated to reflect changes in the company’s operations, the technologies used, or security threats, as appropriate.

Personal Information

LA FOURMI collects two types of information on this website:

The first type, the anonymous information, used only for statistical purposes and to facilitate navigation of our Website. This information does not personally identify you (hereinafter the “Anonymous Information”).

The second type, transaction information, used for transactions you can make on this website, namely the purchase of our products. This information is only used for processing, delivery, billing for purchased products, customer service and to keep you informed about our products (hereinafter the “Transactional Information”).

By visiting LA FOURMI website, you authorize the latter to use all Anonymous Information and Transactional Information for the purposes mentioned above.

To this end, LA FOURMI undertakes herewith to use the Anonymous Information and the Transactional Information only for the purposes mentioned above. If LA FOURMI were to make any other use with this information, you must first authorize such action.


LA FOURMI reserves the right to change at any time this privacy policy. We also reserve the right to transmit information to the extent required by law to do so or to the protect property rights of this website or those of its users, sponsors, advertisers or suppliers.


The contents included in this website are protected by various laws. Any reproduction, publication, distribution or public use of the contents in this website, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized use of such content may subject the offender to a civil liability or criminal prosecution.

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