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Make your own granola with our signature ingredients!

With our bulk ingredients, Fourmi Bionique enables you to make your own granola with your own recipes or even to personalize our existing products. Shop for quality ingredients that have been carefully selected for our very own luxurious blends. Organic and fair-trade chocolate chunks, pecan pieces, dried berries without sulphites, dry-roasted nuts… you will find natural, local, organic, sulphite-free, GMO-free and even fair-trade ingredients on our website. The hardest thing is choosing what to buy!


Bulk nuts, berries, dried fruit, chocolate, and more. Discover our 26 ingredients available in a variety of sizes in Fourmi Bionique’s online store. Give free rein to your creativity and your cravings and make your own granola masterpiece. Whether it’s for your everyday recipes, your snacks, or to add an ingredient of your choice to our existing blends, the possibilities are endless!

Our quality bulk ingredients are the same that we use in the recipes of our exceptional products, made at our facility in Montreal. They’ve been carefully selected for you by Geneviève Gagnon and her team of food enthusiasts.

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