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Since 2004, La Fourmi brand has been driven by the desire to promote healthy and gourmet products. From the local, organic, and fair trade ingredients to the artisanal techniques used, the granolas and snacks, with carefully chosen ingredients, reflect the brand’s values and Canadian roots.

La Fourmi has become synonymous with quality and luxury, bringing a bold, contemporary angle to classic products which celebrate the pleasure food can bring while promoting a wholesome lifestyle.


“In the past, the word “granola” was often synonymous with bland or boring. But Montrealer Geneviève Gagnon, founder and CEO of Fourmi Bionique, knows that’s not the case. Her company makes tasty, good-for-you granola blends (they even have keto-friendly versions) with only the best local ingredients, and that’s something to cheer for.”


We received Dominique Talbot, journalist from the TVA\LCN network, on November 10th at our plant to discuss our challenges as a food manufacturer in the current economic context. To see the interview with our president Geneviève Gagnon, go to 8min:10seconds of the full program that aired on November 23rd (French version only).

Urbaine City is showing off our Grand Granola brand in this great article!

As a breakfast lover, Geneviève Gagnon had perfected her recipe for homemade granola at home before founding Fourmi Bionique in 2004. Her company makes original blends of healthy gourmet cereal using natural, organic, and fair trade ingredients.

You have different outlook on life when you’ve built the resilience and surmounted obstacles. You build the confidence that you can do that every time.


If Jean de La Fontaine had lived to cross paths with Geneviève Gagnon, his famous fable could well have begun as follows: “The ant having worked all year round, found itself very well provided for when the bonus came.” Nearly 18 years after founding La Fourmi Bionique , the president of the company manufacturing granola, muesli and healthy snack mixes has never ceased to arouse admiration.

This Canadian manufacturer makes delicious mixes of organic whole grains from Canada with Egyptian-inspired blend of roasted seeds, nuts, and spices.


When Beaconsfield resident Geneviève Gagnon found herself feeling dissatisfied with her career in communications and PR, she followed in her family’s footsteps and pursued becoming an entrepreneur. “My father had a convenience store for 30 years and I grew up there. It was my first job,” she said. “I was untameable in the work world and unhappy with my job, and I wanted to find a product or a passion I could invest myself in.”

Fourmi Bionique Inc. won the coveted All-Canadian trophy for their Nutbrown Grain Free Granola.


I’ve long been a fan of this delicious granola, which is made in Montreal — and how great that they’ve launched a gluten-free/grain-free line made with oven-roasted nuts and seeds. So many granolas are either rancid or too sweet, but these three flavours are fresh-tasting and well balanced. Ideal for morning cereal or snacking. Buy all three varieties to make a great gift. Beware: it’s addictive!

A favourite venue for corporate headquarters, Quebec’s biggest city is also home to a host of innovative, entrepreneurial businesses. Fully a tenth of the names on the 2017 PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies come from the city and boroughs of Montreal.


I’ve never been much a breakfast person growing up. But as my brain required more mental heavy lifting, it is important to eat well and eat smart! That is why I like making a light but hearty breakfast with La Fourmi Bionique Montreal Gourmet Granola.


Geneviève Gagnon wanted to start her own business. But, like so many other would-be entrepreneurs, she had too little cash and too much fear. To mitigate her worries about running her own company, she started off small. Very small.

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