French toast recipe

Here’s an original indulgent and easy to prepare recipe to celebrate the end of the work week! (4 servings) Ingredients Maple apples Toppings Steps

Recipe Tomato tart

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Granola isn’t just for the sweet tooths out there! Curious to try something new? Here’s our recipe for a tomato, pesto and granola tart. The granola…

Puréed squash and mascarpone verrine

Looking for a recipe to impress your guests during the holidays? 🎄 Try our surprising puréed squash and mascarpone verrine! 👇 Ingredients Squash purée with hazelnut butter Cinnamon Whipped Mascarpone…

The Best Cereals for Breakfast

Increasingly, everyone’s saying that cereals are an essential part of a healthy diet. But after decades of intensive marketing, it’s hard to know what exactly a “cereal” is and which…

Oats: a superfood that is good for you

It’s a true breakfast star, found on many Canadian tables, today we’re talking about oats! Granola, oatmeal, oat milk, muesli… this cereal with multiple facets and nutritional benefits is very…

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