Grand Granola: A Symphony of Organic Delight


Discover the essence of organic granola with Grand Granola, offering up to 86% certified organic ingredients. This granola combines natural, local, and fair-trade elements for an artisanal taste, highlighted by maple syrup and honey-toasted cereals.

Grand Granola goes beyond breakfast, promoting wellness with 80-86% organic components and Ecocert Canada certification. It features non-GMO, whole grain Quebec cereals, enhanced with honey and maple syrup.

Supporting Grand Granola means choosing sustainability and local craftsmanship, with 75% local ingredients. The range includes unique blends like Aphrodisia, with organic Siberian ginseng and dark chocolate, Euphoria, combining caramel and salted milk chocolate, and Chocolatier, featuring artisan praline dark chocolate. Each variety offers a luxurious, affordable experience of quality and taste.

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