La Fourmi: Two Decades of Granola Innovation

Twenty years ago, a small, makeshift culinary workshop in Montreal set out to rethink one of the most nourishing breakfast foods: granola. This marked the beginning of La Fourmi, a brand that would become synonymous with innovation, quality, and a passion for consumer well-being and our planet.

Culinary Innovation: Chocolate Meets Granola

Convincing natural stores to embrace our vision was challenging. However, with perseverance and dedication, we proved it was possible to combine indulgence and well-being. By integrating fair trade and organic chocolate into our granola recipes, we created a taste experience that sacrifices neither health nor pleasure. Instead of simply coating flakes in chocolate, we opted to add generous chunks of intense dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate, and creamy white chocolate, providing our consumers with authentic flavors and a truly innovative product. This harmony between wholesomeness and taste satisfaction eventually convinced natural retailers to open their doors to us, affirming our role as pioneers in the industry.

Commitment to Organic, Local, and Fair Trade

The introduction of local organic or fair trade ingredients was met with skepticism by retailers. At a time when the concept of local ingredients was not yet mainstream in the food industry, we were pioneers in incorporating locally sourced ingredients into our granola recipes. The higher cost and added value of these products were often seen as superfluous and unattractive commercially. However, we stayed the course, convinced of the need for a more local, ethical, and sustainable approach. By persevering, we not only adopted these practices before they became trendy but also played a key role in educating the market about the importance and benefits of natural, local and fairtrade sourced ingredients. Our approach gradually bore fruit, transforming retailers’ initial hesitation. Today, the practices of local, organic, and fair trade sourcing are widely spread.

From Family Sizes to Natural Herbs

We created family-sized formats to meet our customers’ needs, offering them the opportunity to generously share our granola, both in quantity and quality. Our recipe for toasted granola, infused with local honey and maple syrup, is a celebration of Quebec’s culinary heritage. The addition of natural herbs with medicinal properties was a nod to the benefits of healthy eating and certain health-boosting plants. This initiative, bold for its time, not only highlighted regional flavors but also strengthened our commitment to innovation and creativity.

Pioneers in Responding to Dietary Needs

With Nutbrown, we took another decisive step by becoming the first in Canada to introduce chocolate into a grain-free granola. This innovation underscored our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers, including those seeking grain-free and gluten-free options, while maintaining the indulgence and quality features we were known for.

In conclusion, at La Fourmi, each selected ingredient is the result of deep reflection on how we can enrich the lives of our consumers. We celebrate our two decades of innovation, but our focus is firmly set on the future, with the ongoing ambition to inspire, nourish, and respect our world.

Join us on this delicious journey and discover why La Fourmi is and will remain synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of granolas and beyond.

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