La Fourmi: A “Slow Business’ Approach”

In a world where speed often takes precedence over quality, La Fourmi sets itself apart with its unique commitment to the “Slow Business” movement. It is the perfect example of a passion for high-quality local products transformed into a sustainable and ethical business model.

What is Slow Business?

“Slow Business” is an emerging concept inspired by the broader “Slow Movement.” It emphasizes quality, sustainability, ethics, and long-term well-being rather than seeking out short-term profitability. In Slow Business, success is not measured solely in financial terms but also by the positive impact on the community, the environment, and employee well-being. This approach translates into thoughtful decision-making, responsible production practices, and the hiring of local resources.

The Essence of La Fourmi: A Commitment to Slow Food

Geneviève Gagnon, the founder of La Fourmi, got involved in the to Slow Food movement  in 2001, later infusing these principles into the brand she created. This movement, born in reaction to the standardization of global food, values culinary diversity, local and healthy consumption, and the pleasure of shared meals. La Fourmi’s ambition is clear: to make local, organic, and healthy foods accessible to as many as possible by offering excellent value for money and proposing suitable formats like large family packs and bulk sales. To this end, La Fourmi produces its granolas and other products in Montreal, thus promoting local economic development. By using predominantly Quebec ingredients such as various cereals, honey, maple syrup, and cranberries, the company actively promotes the local terroir. This approach is characterized by a choice of quality ingredients, even if it means reduced margins, and by paying a fair price to suppliers.

La Fourmi’s ecological approach is also central to its values. The company adopts innovative practices to reduce its environmental impact, such as using recyclable bags, responsibly managing food waste, and has a strict waste management process. This approach is complemented by ongoing consideration of energy consumption. Finally, La Fourmi’s commitment to quality and safety is demonstrated by the fact that the company has obtained demanding certifications such as Ecocert, Gluten-Free, GFSI, Non-GMO Verified, and B Corp.

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A Sustainable Commitment: B Corp Certification

For La Fourmi, sustainability is not just a slogan, but a practice embedded in its daily operations. By obtaining the B Corp certification, the company has demonstrated its deep commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices, covering not only environmental impact but also governance, employee involvement, community impact, and customer commitment.

To reduce its ecological footprint, La Fourmi adopts responsible sourcing practices, primarily using Quebec, fair trade, non-GMO, and organic ingredients, and ecological production practices. Its production site, the Dompark Complex, is B Corp certified, illustrating its efforts to minimize energy and water consumption and reduce pollution.

La Fourmi also innovates in the transportation of its products by optimizing truck loading, reducing over-packaging, and using electric vehicles, while decreasing its cardboard consumption. It also promotes plant-based products for a lower environmental impact.

Its social commitment is marked by the donation of over 300,000 breakfasts since 2004, and the company also encourages its employees to participate in collective projects and actively supports its local partners.

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In conclusion, La Fourmi stands out as an exemplary model of Slow Business, harmoniously integrating the principles of Slow Food into its business model. Its commitment to sustainability is accompanied by a rigorous ecological approach. The B Corp certification further solidifies its reputation as an ethical and socially engaged company. Thus, La Fourmi embodies a thoughtful and responsible approach to commerce, setting a high standard for businesses aspiring to a more respectful and balanced economy.

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