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    At Fourmi Bionique, we are artisans who pride ourselves in creating luxurious blends:

    honey & maple syrup roasted granolas, heathy muesli & oatmeal, gluten free & grain free granola, gluten free sulfite free snacks.

    Our mission: to create original and gourmet products to feed your body and soul, while using ingredients that are natural, sulphite-free, organic, and fair trade.

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Women owned business

Fourmi Bionique granolas were born from a passion for exceptional ingredients and the hard work of Geneviève Gagnon, an entrepreneur, creator, and food lover at heart.

Our name primarily reflects the meticulous work put forth by Geneviève to create our cereal blends since 2004. It also reflects the desire to offer an alternative within the current food industry. We offer healthy, high-quality artisanal granola while maintaining a solid connection with local producers in organic and fair-trade agriculture.

Since its creation, Fourmi Bionique has experienced steady growth. Many healthy organic & gluten-free granolas as well as healthy gluten-free, GMO-free and sulphite-free snacks have been introduced in the past few years. The distribution network has expanded across Canada and France, and we also sell to the United States through our online store.

We have been awarded many prestigious prizes since our inception. This drives us to innovate every day, without ever compromising on the quality of our granolas, our values and the artisanal processes that render our granola so exceptional.

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