Nutbrown, Paleo granolas for all!

At La Fourmi, we do not encourage any particular diet, but we do stress the importance of eating a variety of foods that are healthy, organic, local … Nonetheless, we want to make life easier for those who, for health reasons or personal conviction, choose a restrictive diet like the Paleolithic (or Paleo) one. Thus, we will explain, without bias, what the Paleo diet is based on, and how the Nutbrown grain free paleo granolas are compatible with this diet.

What is the Paleo diet?

Paleo comes from the Paleolithic era, a period before the first agricultural revolution, when Man was then a hunter gatherer and was not organized in a sedentary society cultivating the lands and domesticating animals.

What is the relationship with the diet? The idea of the Paleolithic diet is to relate health (allergies, digestive sensitivities, cancer…) and ecological issues (industrialization, livestock, deforestation…) of our era, with the modern consumption mode where agriculture dominates.

What did they eat then?

They ate everything that could be found without agriculture. Fruits, vegetables, berries, wild seeds low in carbohydrates; meat from hunting animals fed on herbs, eggs, fish, seafood …

The Paleo diet is therefore close to low carb diets (low in carbohydrates) like the Keto diet for example. It is also a gluten-free diet because there are no cereals.

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So what is prohibited?

Forget about dairy products, almost all cereals and legumes, oils (except olive oil), refined sugars, industrial products, alcohol, coffee…

This is a fairly restrictive diet that will not suits everyone. More than a diet, the Paleo way of life is supposed to be based on intense sporting activity.

There is also the Paleo Fitness whose principle is to do sports without machines as our ancestors: jump, walk, run barefoot, climb etc.

For more information here are two websites sources:

Did you choose the Paleo diet? We respect your decision and to meet your needs, we have made the product you need! Indeed, what’s more difficult when you follow a diet than finding a gourmand and healthy product that meets very specific requirements? It is often a tough obstacle course, especially when it comes to breakfast.

Rest assured, our Nutbrown granola range is compatible with the Paleo diet. We have used the art of making granola to create a range of grain free granolas that offer the same texture of traditional granola. Without cereals, these granolas are a blend of carefully selected and roasted nuts and seeds.

The result? A grain free, gluten free granola and compatible with the Paleo diet. Surely one of the best Paleo granolas on the market in terms of taste! Small bonus, 4 of them are vegan, which means, made from ingredients that do not come from the animal kingdom.

To be sure to offer you the best Paleo granolas, we followed the recommendations of the Paleo Foundation, the referent certifying organization on this field. If you would like more information about the Paleo Diet, you can visit their website at

Beyond being a Paleo granola, NUTBROWN is above all a range of granola for all and if your entourage does not share the same diet as you, they will still be able to enjoy these delicious gourmet granolas. So, whether you’re a Paleovegangluten-free or just gourmet, indulge yourself with our delicious Nutbrown granolas, maybe the best grain free granola on the market.

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