Chocolate and Granola Babka

Recipes for babka have become more and more popular in recent years. We have adapted this indulgent and comforting bakery treat in our own Fourmi Bionique style! What is babka?…

Why do we make organic granola?

Why not make granola that is 100% organic? Organic farming isn’t new, but despite growing demand, it is still a complex subject. At Fourmi Bionique, organic food has been at the heart…

A grain-free granola? But why?

Since 2017, we have been introducing our new product line, NUTBROWN, little by little. Unlike Grand Granola, these are grain-free granolas produced in a grain-free environment. Today, 6 flavours exist,…

Chocolate Truffles with Granola

Who can resist a chocolate truffle? These chocolate balls are found in many European bakeries but are very easy to make at home. Just don’t mistake them for the fungus…

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