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Once upon a time...

Here at Fourmi Bionique, each one of our granola blends tells a story.

It begins with Geneviève Gagnon, who started her venture in 2002. A Montreal native, Geneviève’s passion for exceptional local products led her to go meet with producers, artisans and farmers. Her goal was to understand their craft and gain a true appreciation of the fruit of their labour, commitment and passion. She spent countless hours in the kitchen, baking and perfecting her recipes, chopping the chocolate by hand, removing flower petals one by one and carefully packing her blends in paper bags.

As the years passed, Geneviève learned the secrets to perfect granola. Her recipes achieved an exquisite harmony. Shoppers discovered her products, gave them a try, and didn’t look back. To meet the growing demand, she rolled up her sleeves and worked to achieve her dream. Her hard work was quickly rewarded with several top entrepreneurship prizes over the years.

Today, Geneviève is an accomplished CEO and a mother of three. She is proud to run her company her way, without compromising her values, or La Fourmi Bionique’s mission: to create unique, healthy, and gourmet granola blends while promoting local producers of natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients.

«Creating exceptional granola blends requires patience. By renewing this tradition with passion, Fourmi Bionique has made it an art. We want people who care about their well-being and the world around them to be able to count on our healthy products and all the benefits associated with them.»

Geneviève Gagnon

A company you can trust!

Years of experience

La Fourmi Bionique Inc. has been producing granola since 2004! It is clear that we have a solid foundation for success based on healthy values and responding to the needs of our customers.

Many awards & recognitions

We have won more than ten prestigious prizes and competitions, which have rewarded the fruit of our efforts in several different areas.

Strong values

We have always advocated healthy values, especially those of the Slow Food Movement. In short, we believe in good, fair, and clean sourcing. Find out more about eco-gastronomy.

Demanding certifications

The variety of demanding certifications we qualify for guarantee the excellence of our production, from our supply to manufacturing. A continuous improvement process is at the heart of our priorities.

Our certifications

Soulful products

From day one, we have always preached for pleasure above all at Fourmi Bionique! Today, we are in an era where topics relating to food unleash passions and where consumers are more and more lost and anxious about everything that is recommended to them, and sometime even imposed on them. We believe that it is best to learn to trust ourselves again. Indeed, our bodies know what they need, and they communicate that to us willingly if we listen.

Let’s take a break from this tornado of doubts and savor the simple and natural pleasures. Indeed, since 2004, we have never ceased to highlight the quality and sourcing of our products. While we still emphasize the importance of this quality, we believe now more than ever that it is necessary for consumers to rediscover wellbeing through the pleasure of eating in harmony with oneself. In this spirit, the purpose of Fourmi Bionique has always been to create soulful products. This is expressed at the core level of many aspects associated with our products: from the sourcing and selection of ingredients, the balanced nutritional profile, and the pursuit of pleasure in every bite.

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