Grand Granola Tonik

With its brand-new look, our Grand Granola Tonic becomes Tonik! Discover the new packaging by scrolling through the images.

Grand Granola Tonik is a stimulating granola blend made with organic cereals. With notes of bitterness and acidity, it features the depth of cocoa and coffee with the toning properties of Astragalus. Then the fruity notes of dark chocolate with organic and fair-trade coffee and cranberries express themselves… a unique experience for the senses.


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Brand: La Fourmi Bionique Inc.

To reach its full potential, this cocoa flavoured blend can be enjoyed with a plain yoghurt to which banana slices are added for a little sweetness or red fruits to accentuate the acidulous notes. See our creative recipes for baking ideas with granola.

The Grand Granola Tonik is also available in economic and recyclable bulk packaging. It is also offered in the NUTBROWN grain-free and gluten free granola range.

Rolled oats*°, Sugars (honey°, cane sugar*), Whole spelt flour*°, Sunflower oil and/or Canola oil, Rolled barley*°, Rolled rye*°, Dark chocolate with coffee*¹ (cocoa mass*¹, cane sugar*¹, cocoa butter*¹, whole cane sugar*¹, coffee*¹, ground vanilla bean*¹), Dried cranberries° (cranberries°, sugar, sunflower oil), Oat bran*°, Tamari*(water, soybeans*, wheat*, salt), Cocoa powder*¹,  Coconut*,  Sesame seeds*, Flax seeds*, Astragalus root powder*.

*Organic ingredients (82% of the final product)
°Local ingredients
1Fair trade ingredients

May contain almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, milk and ingredients made in a facility that processes peanuts.

82% Organic – certified by Ecocert Canada
Whole grain stamp 63g / portion (100g)– certified by the Whole grains council
Kosher Dairy – Certified by Kashruth Council of Canada
Non-GMO : does not contain any genetically modified ingredient


25lbs (11,34kg) + jar, 808g, 300g, 2kg


GMO-free, Kosher dairy, Made in Canada, Organic, Whole grain


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