Gourmet cereals boasting rich aromas of vanilla and toasted nuts, to be enjoyed as a muesli or an oatmeal!

The Müska cereal range offers luxurious blends of raw whole-grain cereal flakes, complemented by our signature ingredients and delicately flavoured with our delicious Dukkah Brunch. An innovative vegan blend of muesli and dukkah that can be served in a bowl with milk or as a smooth and creamy overnight porridge.

Dukkah is an Egyptian-inspired blend of toasted seeds and nuts crushed with spices. We created our own breakfast version with almonds and sesame seeds, delicately sweetened with maple syrup, with a touch of cinnamon and salt. Versatile and ideal for breakfast.

Müska is a blend of whole grains specially designed to be enjoyed either as a muesli, in the milk or yogurt of your choice, or as an overnight porridge. It is also an excellent vegan base for your savory or sweet recipes!

Oatmeal, granola, muesli, what’s the difference?

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