More than a passion, itís an art

It takes time and patience to make a superior granola. The process begins where other cereals or muesli end, baking each piece to its personal perfection following exacting ECOCERT quality standards, to lock in the goodness and give it the strength to stay crunchy on the outside with a seductively soft center.

Sifters, bakers, and blenders need adapt to each batch, knowing each of the 15 or more ingredients and how each reacts to changes in humidity, season and crop. The almonds prefer to be first. The coconut likes to play with all the ingredients. The golden honey and maple syrup lend their distinct melody eagerly, while marigold petals always show up last. Together, they create one savoury, harmonious composition ó and there are so many other eclectic blends on the way.

Gingerly aligned in single-ply racks, they are turned twice and rotated once, until they succumb, adding to the symphony of flavor. The result is a level of quality that you can taste, smell, and feel ó an art that can only be achieved through dedication and manual labour and by applying the same home-baked inspiration that started LFB.

Measured and preciously packaged into airtight gift bags the symphony of flavour awaits, its fresh-baked aroma sealed in until it gets the chance to escape. It anticipates, gently stored and shipped fresh to market, eager for the chance to express its healthy character and unique taste; confident that just one bite will bring on incredible delight and another healthy, long-lasting relationship begins.